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If a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure yours leave them speechless.


Create a connection with your audience and make a great first impression with professional photography from Effective Edge. Inspiring images – whether on your website, in printed materials, a video, or as part of a larger marketing campaign – have the ability to transform your marketing projects from ordinary to extraordinary. From on-site photos and action shots to studio photos and head shots, our photography services can tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way.


The best photos evoke an emotional response, drawing you in to their visual power. As one of the most effective advertising mediums, the right photography raises the professionalism of your marketing materials and the perception of the quality of your products.

Effective Edge can take professional photos charged with emotion, colour, and depth, so your company and products shine in the best possible light.

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Studio Photography

Take your product to new heights with professional photography in the Effective Edge studio. With proper lighting and space, the possibilities for a wide range of product photos are limitless. 


Commercial & Industrial Photography

From home renovation photography to outdoor equipment action shots, we will take photos on-site to best represent your service or product. Featuring a context and setting that can’t be recreated in the studio, we have the experience to capture professional photos in the field when your equipment is performing.


Photo Editing

Photo editing not only enhances the quality of an image, but it also brings out the best elements and gives it a professional polish. Making adjustments to lighting, colour, and saturation, our designers have the skill to retouch and transform any image, elevating it to its full potential.


Photo Composite Design

Begin with a photo, add in graphic elements – colour, environment, texture, branding – and you end up with an image that tells an incredible story. Weaving together different layers for a unique look, our composite designs make a bold impact and lasting impression.


Architectural Photography

Commercial and residential architectural photography reaches beyond geographical limits for a stunning visual display of your building or home on a website or in a print brochure.  Using specialized equipment and technique, our professional architectural photography is the perfect way to show your building in the best light. 


Portrait Photography

Our in-house studio offers the ideal space and lighting to capture impressive portrait photos for your company website, brochure or employment ad.


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