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Good design goes beyond what is eye-catching.
It achieves results.


Graphic design is at the heart of the exceptional work we do at Effective Edge. By bringing together all of the components of a project – images, copywriting, graphic elements and design concepts – for a finished product ready to show the world, our professional graphic design team makes a powerful impact on your company’s brand.




Case Study

Valley Blades Limited - Tools of Engagement


Valley Blades Limited is a Canadian manufacturer of replacement wear parts for heavy equipment, including excavator and wheel loader ground engagement tools as well as cutting edges for motor graders and snow plows.

As part of an overall rebrand of VBL’s marketing materials, it was important to define a theme that went beyond simply designing a new print piece.  It was time to create a personality for Valley Blades that represented the gritty, hard-working products that they make. Working off the ideas of what their product is and the harsh reality of combat, the play on words, “Tools of Engagement” was developed.  Surrounding this campaign slogan are action shots that add to the grittiness of the environments in which VBL products work every day. The visual accents also play into the concept of a technical strategic command centre.

Valley Blades - Bauma Tradeshow Display.jpg

At Effective Edge, we believe that great design communicates your message, presents your personality and raises the credibility of your company and your products. Often the main driver behind your brand - and a unifying force across your marketing pieces - creative design has the ability to make an exceptional first impression.

We offer the following design services:


Logo Design

A well-designed logo sets the scene for your company’s brand. As a visual expression that tells a story, your logo is often the first encounter customers have with your company or your product and should be a true reflection of what your brand promises to accomplish. By taking into account all of the creative elements in the design process – name, texture, colour, font, illustration – we will create a logo with staying power or recreate a new logo if you are undergoing a brand refresh. ?


Introducing a new product into the marketplace? Let us work with you to create a foundation for building an incredible brand. Needing a brand overhaul? A design refresh can infuse your marketing materials with renewed energy, content and imagery. ?

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3D Animation

Capture your audience's attention with the power of 3D animation. Ideal for demonstrating complicated or abstract concepts and as a dynamic element that adds visual interest, 3D animation can propel your video to the next level. ?


There are no limits in graphic design when it comes to illustration. As artists with a blank canvas, our graphic designers can create digital illustrations that bring your ideas and products to life.

Digital & Print Media

Whether you are looking for a website or a print brochure, our design team has the skill and experience to take your marketing content and convert it into a web design or print piece that looks visually stunning and professional.


An advertising campaign pulls together so many marketing elements – from creative concept and strategy to core message and content – into a unified design that will reach your target audience and make an impact on first sight. At Effective Edge, whether you need a campaign or a single ad, we will work with you to develop a concept and message that stand out in print or online. ?


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