Better than new: Effective Edge helps Hitachi introduce new Truck Remanufacturing Program


For Hitachi fleet owners, a new program designed to strip older trucks to the core and remanufacture them with upgraded components and technology offers the best of both worlds – renewed productivity at a lower cost.

Bringing this program to market required having the right sales tools for success.  Working with Hitachi as their marketing partner, Effective Edge embarked on a discovery process to drill down to the key messages, benefits and results of this program for the creation of a 12-page brochure.


Featuring a bold yet simple design, large images, and professional copywriting, the Hitachi Premium Factory Remanufacturing Program brochure builds on Hitachi’s global brand image and reinforces their role as a leader in the haul truck industry.

“We can’t say enough positive things about Effective Edge and the brochure they created for us.  They took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to promote, staying in close communication throughout the entire project.”
-    Robert Mueller, Regional Sales & Customer Relations Manager , Hitachi Construction Truck Mfg., Ltd.

The vivid imagery and compelling copy showcase the advancements in design, performance and value that are the key selling points of Hitachi’s remanufacturing program.  Highlighting a handful of the more than 7,000 new or remanufactured component upgrades, the brochure also serves as a vehicle to promote Hitachi’s factory capabilities and expert knowledge in rebuilding a Hitachi haul truck to back-to-factory specifications.

Shaping the backbone of Hitachi’s new remanufacturing program, the brochure redefines what it means to be a loyal Hitachi customer while delivering the promise of improved productivity and unbeatable value from a truck you already know you can count on.