Maximum Versatility. A new video puts Viking-Cives on the road to exceptional multitasking.

When you need to make it through bad weather to plow, sand and salt the roads, it’s time to get rolling with a Viking-Cives Roller-Pro.  With the introduction of this year-round multitasking roll-off truck – replacing up to five dedicated trucks – Viking-Cives turned to Effective Edge for a product video to showcase this new municipal truck’s capability to transform the snowplow industry.

Beginning with a script and storyboard, the video shoot took place over several days in multiple locations to capture the variety of the Roller-Pro’s applications and pieces of equipment.  From video editing and graphics to voice over and music, the final video is a true testament to the Roller-Pro’s versatility.  Because, when bad weather hits, there’s only one thing you can do.  Roll with it.


Effective Edge