At Effective Edge, we take a straight-forward approach when it comes to our clients and how we do business. The core values we stand by every day - trust, open communication and the integrity of our work – are the touchstones that help us build long-term partnerships and create stronger companies.



By working with you to clarify your brand’s unique position in the marketplace and deliver a consistent message across all communication touch points, we add value to your company by refining and strengthening your brand’s personality. The result is a brand that resonates with your customers, gives you an improved sales channel, helps to retain and attract talent, and prepares your company for breaking into new target markets.

Our ability to generate new ideas, stay on top of technology trends and communication tactics, combined with our compelling content – striking design, persuasive copy writing, and captivating video and photography – means that we can identify key marketing opportunities and create marketing materials best-suited to meeting your company’s goals.


A simple and streamlined process is an integral part of any marketing project.



We begin with research. By taking a detailed look at your company, making sure that we understand your products, your business goals, your competition, and your customers. By doing this, we can start shaping a clear and comprehensive marketing strategy.


Next comes creativity. We brainstorm, draw concept sketches, test different designs and layout, write and re-write, and create artwork, all in an effort to establish the best core messages and “look and feel” for your project.

Then we deliver the final, approved product. Whether it’s print material, a new website, a video, advertising, social media or media planning and buying, we roll-out your deliverables and analyze the results, making adjustments as necessary and keeping you informed throughout the process.




At the heart of every good relationship is clear communication. Through regular and open communication with our clients, whether in person, by phone or email, we can collaborate on projects so that it feels like we are all working in the same office. By dedicating an Account Manager to your business as the primary contact responsible for driving marketing strategy and overseeing project implementation, we ensure that you stay up-to-date and in the loop.




Whether you are a small business or start-up, a marketing manager needing a team for project management and implementation, or a mid-size business owner looking for marketing strategy, planning and implementation, we would be happy to get to know you better.

To see if we’re a good fit, we’ll take the time to get to know each other, discussing your business objectives, and perhaps even project details, tactics and timelines. Much like your accountant, our goal is to establish ourselves as a trusted partner who works with you to build your business. Making sure we get this right is an important step for future success.



Instead of taking on the big task of marketing yourself or trying to keep an in-house marketing team happy and busy, it is worth considering a marketing partner. As a fully-integrated marketing office comprised of a specialized team of talent, we offer you:


An Instant and Scalable Marketing Team

As a ready-to-go team of skilled talent, you benefit from our multi-disciplined capabilities, experience, and knowledge without needing to worry about extra overhead, management or office space. Our firm’s dynamic and flexible infrastructure will provide the backbone for all of your marketing needs.

A Collaborative Approach to Strategy

We don’t have just one person responsible for marketing. Rather, we have a team working closely together, every day, to gain the power of feedback and idea generation. And by working with such a diverse group of clients year after year, we can provide exceptional insight and knowledge of marketing trends from a variety of industries.

Systematic Creativity

Generating an idea once is easy. Repeatedly generating ideas requires systematic creativity. For more than 16 years, we have successfully provided new and imaginative solutions for our long-term clients.


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